3 Programs to Help Farmers With Pasture Damage From Flooding and Excessive Rainfall

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Pasture Renovation program is designed to help producers reestablish perennial pastures that were killed or damaged during the storms. Short-term forage production can be stimulated on these pastures by the use of winter annuals, but eventually most farmers will want to renovate with perennials. The program will pay up to $225/acre (based on actual costs) and application will be to the local Soil and Water Conservation District offices. Contracts will be approved by the Soil and Water Conservation District Board. Additional details available through the SWC Pasture Renovation program.

Many producers have applied for Farm Services Administration programs designed to help pay for the loss of animals (Livestock Indemnity Program); the loss of pasture, hay and feed (Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-raised Fish); and damage causing conservation concerns (Emergency Conservation Program). Producers have 30 days after losses are apparent to notify FSA about losses, and 90 days to submit an application. Most farmers will still be considered eligible for the programs as long as they contact FSA by the end of November.

Finally, producers planning on planting winter annuals need to make haste to make their plans and get seed in the ground. November 30 is the latest date we would recommend planting winter annuals, so that leaves only about 3 weeks from the time this publication.

If you have land that still needs to be planted make sure you apply for the Pasture Renovation and Cover Crop Seed program, and order the additional seed you need. It is best to use a drill to plant, but broadcasting is a possibility with the wet conditions we are now seeing across most of the state. We encourage producers to take advantage of these opportunities as they recover from these devastating events.