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Prodigal Farm is the only commercial Animal Welfare Approved goat dairy in North Carolina. We’re located in northern Durham County. We have a few spots left for our goat husbandry workshop coming up Saturday May 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
We’ve raised well over 1,000 goats over the years. We’ve learned a lot from mistakes along the way; no one was offering workshops like these when we started out. Learn from our mistakes, and save time and money over the years. These day-long workshops are designed to provide a framework of knowledge and hands-on skills for caring for your goats or those you dream of getting. Cost is $120 per person, or $110 per person for 2 or more people. Topics we’ll cover:
  • assessing your goatkeeping goals
  • preparing for your goat: shelter, fencing, considering other animals
  • finding and selecting your goats
  • pasture walk
  • essential and handy equipment and where to find it or how to make it
  • forage, hay, feed, nutritional requirements and supplements
  • vaccinations, parasite control, and discussion of common health issues
  • how to give an injection
  • handy tools and treatments to have on hand
  • hoof trimming
  • assessing body condition, health and illness
  • finding a good veterinarian and when to consult
  • fundamentals of breeding and kidding
Comments from past workshop attendees:

“I have dreamed of goats the last two nights! I really enjoyed both instructors whom taught the class, they complimented each with their knowledge and experience. All of the information provided was very valuable and will be incredibly useful!”

“For a first generation beginning young farmer, workshops like these are exceedingly beneficial. It not only provides expertise, hands on experience, and instruction but great like-minded discussions among the attendees.”
“I’ve been to one of these workshops and it was awesome!! Kat is incredibly knowledgeable and also a great teacher.”
To register, go to our online store.

We have goats for sale — dairy/Boer cross doelings and wethers, and dairy cross wethers. These kids (born March 1-present 2018) are healthy, even-tempered and outgoing. They are absolutely lovely, and are easy to handle. They’ve had their CDT vaccinations, and we’ll trim their hooves before you take them home. Our farm is free of the major diseases (CAE, caseous lymphadenitis, Johne’s). We have a discount for folks taking groups of 10 or more, or 25 or more. We want to place them with good homes, even if they are going to become meat. Over the next ~2 months we’ll wean about 2/3 of the 2018 kids; the rest of them will still need to be bottlefed 2-3 times a day for about 10 weeks from their birthdate. Wondering about pricing? We do it by age. They start at $50 each for meat cross boys and girls, up to 1 week old; add $10 for each week of age, up to $150 at weaning. Dairy boys start at $30, and add $10 for each week of age, up to $130 at weaning. Want a great pet or goat to clear brush? The dairy boys can be a super choice.

For more information about goat purchases, or to arrange a time to check out the goats for purchase, email taylormpewitt@gmail.com.

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